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Product Optimization Comparison

Product Optimization Comparison


Product Comparison help sellers to compare and analyze their product information with that of competitors and find out if their product is competitive enough or require some changes. In other words Product Optimization Comparison help sellers to know strengths and weaknesses of their product and make changes or adjustments to make it more desirable.

 1. Add Product to Compare

Method 1

On the left of【Keyword Search Result】analyzer, select a target keyword from the keyword list (all keywords come from All Monitored Keywords list). Then products related to the keyword will show in the list of 【Top 50 Search Results】. Now select target products (maximum 6), then click Action and then Add to comparison to add the selected products into Product Details Comparisonanalyzer for comparison.

For easier operation, you can also directly add new keywords. Click Add keywords. Then on the right side of analyzer, select target products in the list of 【Top 50 Search Results】 and click Add to Comparison. Now the selected products are added into 【Product Details Comparison

for comparison.

Method 2

In 【Product Details Comparison】analyzer, click Add Product, then click Action and Add Product to add compared products.

Click on Add Product and 【Add product】window will pop up. Now input product ASIN in the column and click Confirm. Now you can see the related products in the comparison section.


 2. Product Comparison Analysis

Supported by an intelligent system, Product Details Comparisonwill give the information list of targeted products. Via scopes such as product Rank, ASIN Brand, Image, Title, Price, Rating, # of Review, RSB and Feature, it can analyze product difference and find out the advantages and disadvantages of your products. After this you can make an optimization plan.

 3.Refresh Data

Data in 【Product Details Comparison】analyzer is collected on the day the products are added. To get the latest data, click Action and Refresh Data

4.Clear Products

To remove products from【Product Details Comparison】analyzer, click Action and Clear Products. Then, all products in the list will be cleared. Or Click icon to clear individual product.

5.Add to Monitor

To further observe and know better about the products in 【Product Details Comparison】analyzer, select target products and then click Action and Add to Monitor/Add to Analyzer. Now in the pop-up window, select the target analyzers.