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Order Negative Review Management

Order Negative Review Management


Order Negative Review Management makes centralization of management on order negative reviews in your store, helping you check the data statistics of negative reviews, make classification and stats on them. Therefore, you can timely receive negative review info, check specific order info and detailed reasons of negative reviews. Then you can instantly communicate with your customers to remove the negative reviews. Meanwhile, details of negative reviews let you improve product quality, packing and service. With further optimized products, the sales will boost.

1.Negative Review Classification

In【Order Feedback, select a negative review and click Analyze button, then the feedback will show in 【Feedback Details】.

Now in【Feedback Detailsanalyzer, click Other Issue in 【Feedback Type. Then select the type within the drop list and click Change to make classification.

After that, you can check specific stats of feedback types in 【Negative Feedback Type Statistics analyzer.

If the default negative feedback types can not suit your need, you can add new types. In 【Feedback Details】analyzer, click Settings and then Analyzer Setting.

In【Analyzer Settingpage, input new negative type and click Add. You can also modify or delete the added negative types.

2.Remark and Close

2.1 Remark

In 【Order Feedbackanalyzer or 【Feedback Detailsanalyzer, click Action and then Remark.

In 【Tips】window, input remarks and click Confirm. Then it will show in 【Remarks Record】of 【Feedback Details

2.2 Close

Close is a status mark which means no further handling on the negative review.

Click Action in 【Order Feedback】analyzer, then click Close. Status turns into Closed. Click Restore and status will become In Progress.