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Search Term Retrieve

Search Term Retrieve


It is very important for any ecommerce business to figure out the keywords and as a seller, it is important for you to know what kind of keywords or search terms your competitor is using to get more traffic.

Our tool help its users to analyze the keywords which competitors are using to get customers and on what position your competitors is ranking on those keywords.

How Keyword Retrieve work?

First step in the process is to find out your competitor. Go to and search for product which is very close to your product and has a good selling rank. Enter product ASIN, as it is shown in picture below:

Function & Operation

1.First go to Market Research -> Keyword Retrieve. A screen will open up, which will ask to enter ASIN.

Image 1

 2.A new page will appear, showing the product details like: image, ASIN, title, features, number of keywords and all related keyword of the product you have entered. 

Image 2

2.1 You will see Action button on the right of each keyword, which will help you add keywords to monitor one by one. As shown in image 3.

2.2 For more quick results, select all and click on ACTION button given in the bottom left side.

As shown in image 4.      

It will show you two options – a) Add to Monitor b) Add to Ad Group

3.Now click Add TO MONITOR/Add to Analyzer to see more details of keywords you have selected.

Image 3

Image 4

3.1 Click Action and then Add to Monitor/Analyzer.

Image 5

3.2 A window appears which will ask you to confirm adding keywords to monitor. It will also give you options to add analyzer of your choice. Select All Monitored Keywords to add, then click Confirm.

4.Now you will see all added keywords in different screen, under Keyword Monitor.

  • You will see all the keywords here with their products details.
  • This will give all the details about the keywords, like: Total search, Top 50 avg. price, Rating, Lowest price etc.
  • Now select only those keywords you want to study more.
  • To understand each keyword more, select keywords and see details of products shown on the right side, under Top 50 Search Results

In Top 50 Search Result analyzer, you will get all the products with details, that comes under selected keyword.


5.Add to Ad Group (To judge if the keywords can let the specified product ASIN get more traffic and enhance ranking. It will directly add to ad group to launch a new campaign)

5.1 Click Action and then Add to Ad Group.

5.2 Add to Ad Group window will pop up, showing details to enter. As shown in image 10

   For detailed operations of selecting Ad group, please refer to manuals of Promotion.