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How Selmetrics Helps Amazon Sellers to Analyze Keywords?

There’s lot of competition for your products with more and more people taking their business online. It is therefore important that you provide your products to customers via search engines. This can be done by analyzing and updating keywords.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the search terms that customers type into the search engine to find anything. To optimize your keyword and make it more searchable, you need to add title and description to your product. If you choose right keywords for your products, it helps you in improving your keyword ranking.

Why keywords are important for Amazon sellers?

When the customers comes to an Amazon site to buy a product, they enter a search term which could be a phrase, exact product name or something that describe the product. So each search term entered by a customer is ‘keyword’ which help him to search products he is looking for.


Increase visibility of your product:

Keywords are always helpful for customers to find out the products they are looking for. Sometimes, customers directly type their keywords on search engine to find their products, in that case, search engine show up the products or the website where those products are being sold. This way, customers are able to find your product with the help of keywords.

Generate sales:

More focused or accurate keywords leads to more visibility of your products helps in generating more sales.

Drive traffic to Product & website:

If your keyword ranking is good and your products are on the search engines, it always leads to more online traffic to your product page / website. Higher traffic would mean a better sales opportunity.

Helpful in tracking your product status:

Sometime, sellers see decline in their orders over the time. Wrong selection of keywords may be the one reason. Before choosing keywords for your products, it is important to do a complete keyword analysis. There are many tools available which help you plan your keywords.

How to place Keywords in Amazon?

There are two types of keywords in Amazon:

  1. Visible Keywords:
  2. Backend Keywords

Visible keywords: Visible keywords are those which are visible to customers, like Title of the page and product description.

Product-title is the most important element of Amazon SEO, which play major role in ranking your product. You’ll want to put the most relevant keywords for your product in the title.

Important tips to optimize your Amazon product name:

  • Mention product name, which best suits your product
  • Include a clear description, which best describe your product
  • Don’t forget to include your brand name
  • Mention a specific ingredient or essential material
  • Specify the color of your product
  • Mention size of your product

Backend Keywords:

Backend keywords are those keywords which are not visible to customers. These can also be called “Hidden Keywords”. These keywords are read by Amazon algorithm for listing purpose. These keywords are like “meta tags”which are used by search engines algorithm to improve your search visibility.

Hidden Keywords are only use in the backend section of your Amazon Seller Account. Their function is to tell the algorithm of Amazon that a specific list of products targets a specific keyword on the website.

On August 2nd, 2018, Amazon announced an update to the Backend Keywords Limit in Amazon Seller Central.

The most important changes are:

  • Search terms is now limited to 249 bytes (compared to 250 bytes before)
  • This limit now also includes spaces, hyphens, commas
  • You will be allowed to edit or create product listings only when your search terms are within the prescribed length limit

After these changes, users can not stuff their backend keywords and have to be more specific while choosing search terms.

Where to enter your Backend Keywords?

  • Go to your Seller Central Account & click ->”Inventory”
  • Now go to the right side of the page & click “Edit” beside your active products.
  • You are now in the “Edit Product Info” screen and will automatically see the “Offer” navigation tab
  • Click on “Keywords” to enter your keywords
  • After you enter all the keywords and other details, click -> Save & Finish


What you should not do which placing your Backend keywords?

You should NOT:

  • Should not give irrelevant, misleading or inaccurate information about your listing. This may include placing your listing on the wrong product category, wrong gender or using words out of context
  • Should not create very long content
  • Should not include statements that has some time boundation like “available now” “on sale” or “new”
  • Should not include subjective words like “good quality” “amazing” etc.
  • Should not use misspelled products names regardless if they are highly competitive keywords
  • Include any variations in pluralization, capitalization, punctuation or spacing
  • Never include words that are offensive or abusive

How to know whether your backend keywords are already listed on Amazon?

It is always better to check your keywords listing 24 hours after creating it. There is no email notification or other notification that will tell you that Amazon has indexed your backend keywords. Thus, to know if Amazon has indeed indexed your backend keywords, go and check by searching your keywords on Amazon.

  • Copy your keyword and search it on the Amazon website. If the listing associated with your keyword string appears, it means that your keywords has been indexed.
  • If you do not find your keyword strings while searching, that means Amazon might have found something wrong with that keyword you have used.


Tips for good keyword implementation:

  • Use long tail keywords or broad match type keywords

Eg: stylish handbags women latest

  • Avoid using filler words to save your word limit.

Eg: stylish handbags for women (Avoid of, for, and etc.)

  • Use only spaces for word division, and avoid using other punctuation
  • Do not double inverted commas “” for words separation
  • Do not repeat keywords, instead use hyphenated keywords

Eg: For handbags for ladies -> ladies-handbags

It is important for a sellers to know what kind of keywords or search terms their competitors are using to get more traffic, to stay competitive in the marketplace.

How our tool ‘Selmetrics’ can help Amazon sellers?

Our software‘Selmetrics’helps its users to analyze the keywords which competitors are using to get customers and on what position your competitors is ranking on those keywords.

  • First step in the process is to find out your competitor. Go to and search for product which is very close to your product and has a good selling rank.
  • Enter ASIN of the product you want to monitor.
  • Our system will give you a list of all related keywords of the product you have entered.
  • Now you can select keywords you want to study further, & add to monitor.


Now all selected products are added to Keyword Monitor with products detail.

  • You will see all the keywords here with their products details.
  • To understand each keyword more, select keywords and see details of products fall under that keyword.
  • This will give all the details about the keywords, like:
  • Total search
  • Top 50 avg. price
  • Rating
  • Click the Analyze buttonto monitor any keyword and you can check the details of various metrics of the product in Keyword Performance analyzer.

  • In Top 50 Search Result analyzer, it will show you the top 50 products of this keywords with following details:
  • Title of the products
  • Sponsored or not – It will tell if competitor is buying this keyword or not
  • Product Prices
  • Rating
  • Reviews
  • Product Search Rank analyzer help you check the search rank trend of the related product keywords.
  • This will give you the idea of which keyword is selling what kind of products.

Product Monitor

After analyzing the keywords, our Product Monitor tool will help you know that on which keyword your competitor is ranking on top.

  • Now put the product ASIN and select products for further analysis.
  • When you get a list of all added products, they will be selected by default. You can uncheck all and only select those products which you want to monitor.
  • As soon as you will click Confirm button, a pop up will tell you that your product is added to monitor successfully and data will show up in 30 minutes.
  • Now you will get all the variations of products for further analysis.
  • Our system allows you to create a custom dashboard for more focused analysis.
  • Now you can see each and every information of the products

This will give you information like:

Now you will see the following information:

  • Price of each product
  • Monthly Sales
  • Number of Seller selling that product
  • Buy Box Price – Buy Box price can be different from your price and our tool will help you get that data and understand what happened to their Buy Box.
  • BSR (Best Selling Rank)
  • Best Search Rank
  • Number of reviews
  • Lowest price
  • Rating

Click any product and you can check information in different metrics of the product. Get the information like:

Sales Trend: This will give you information of sales trend setting different parameters.

Product Review Trend: This analyzer shows the product review statistics. Campaign Keyword Analysis: This analyzer is just applicable to campaign products of your store.


Every Amazon seller aims to be best seller and most visible too. Keywords are the most important and first step to place your products to customers. Those sellers understand the importance of placing backend keywords will definitely going to win the marketplace.

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