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New Amazon sellers can’t afford 18 big mistakes(II)

Amazon Customer Service Mistakes

Fulfillment is one of Amazon’s biggest allures for Amazon shoppers. Prime members enjoy expedited shipping (among other features), and pay for

that delivery speed. Make sure your customer-facing policies and management is pristine.

Below are the slip-ups Amazon sellers make when dealing with Amazon sales and fulfillment:

  1. Late Shipping

Amazon customers generally note that they appreciate the ease of shopping on Amazon, but prize Amazon’s cheap, and fast shipping policies. Your competitors (and Amazon) will feature fast and reliable shipping speed. Be honest with your shipping dates, and realistically consider what speed and shipping price your store can manage.

  1. Expensive Shipping

Nothing sends an online shopper running faster than over-priced shipping. Remember your Buy Box share and Amazon selling status rely (in part) on your reviews- those for your online store and your products. Bad or expensive shipping policies may mean more immediate profits, but will negatively impact your Amazon selling success.

  1. Sneaking in Marketing Collateral with Packing Materials

Generally, we recommend using Fulfillment by Amazon (depending on your store, fulfillment needs, and budget) to leverage Amazon’s shipping speed and customer service. In which case there’s very little chance anything promotional will get by Amazon. However, if your’re handing your own fulfillment, anything featuring your store may likely confuse or worse- anger Amazon shoppers.

Review Amazon’s Seller Shipping Rates, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and fulfillment policies before choosing a fulfillment method. Remember to consider the cost of shipping to Amazon, returns, and related fulfillment variables.

  1. Managing Your Account Based on Email Notifications

If you’re using email to make Amazon changes, you’re not managing your Amazon account effectively. Remember emails can get lost, deleted, or missed easily.

Proactively respond to customer needs, manage inventory and handle account activity. If you’re in over your head, consider leveraging agency resources or outsourcing data management.

For more information on Amazon seller best practices, browse Amazon’s seller recommendations.


Amazon Customer Service Mistakes

Seller Buy Box share, Amazon search page visibility (Amazon Discoverability), and sales on Amazon (Amazon Buyability) are all affected in some degree by Amazon customer service. Whether it’s your return policy, shipping speed, prices, or reviews- your Amazon sales are getting hit by mistakes you’re making with Amazon customer service.

Here are a few of the most frequent blunders Amazon sellers make with Amazon customer service:

  1. Thinking Amazon Shoppers Read

Your Amazon shoppers aren’t thoroughly reading (if at all) your policies. Even more likely, many people who have purchased your items haven’t read the product description entirely.

State your policies clearly, and in multiple locations. Politely reiterate policies in customer interactions, but remember its unlikely shoppers have read your store policy or the product description for what they’ve purchased.

  1. Paying for Positive Feedback

Amazon relies heavily on user trust–a metric they value dearly:

“Customer satisfaction is one of the most important performance measures we use to determine how well you are doing as a seller on Amazon. The Customer Metrics page provides reports that give you greater insight into how you are doing with respect to customer satisfaction.”- Amazon

It’s vital that you monitor and improve the variables which influence your customer metrics score, including shopper reviews for your store. However, gaming the system isn’t going to push the needle in your favor enough to warrant the risk.

Leverage and invest in resources to improve Seller Feedback management to boost your customer service metrics. For more information on product and seller reviews on Amazon, review this tutorial.

  1. Getting Upset With Customers

Sometimes Amazon customers are unreasonably demanding or argumentative. You’re guaranteed to encounter an overly-needy or irate person more than once when selling on Amazon. Avoid arguing with these shoppers at all costs.

Do your best to mitigate any issues or disagreements with your Amazon customers. Remember Amazon shoppers are accustomed to getting treated exceptionally well by Amazon (think about Amazon’s A-Z guarantee).