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How to Get Reviews on Amazon:

There are a few facets to getting product reviews on Amazon. First, you have to incentivize the customer to take action. Second, you have to show them how to do that. And third, you have to remind them (because let’s face it, we’re all way too busy already).

You also have to do it all while adhering to Amazon’s strict rules about how you can interact with buyers and what you’re allowed to do to solicit feedback.

Here are a few proven (and compliant) methods you might want to try:


  1. Follow up via email or Amazon message

Create drip campaigns that follow up once orders have been fulfilled. Start with one that thanks them for their order and asks if there’s anything you can help with or troubleshoot.

The next one requests a review and breaks down the process. The third one reminds them to go back and write that review if they haven’t already.

You can use Amazon’s automated order feedback system or opt for your own email marketing software for this task.


Here’s what Jeff Coleman, VP, Marketplace Channels at CPC Strategy recommends:

“You definitely should not incentivize the review at all, but the act of following up with a customer via Amazon’s email platform is perfectly fine. You do need to walk a fine line because you don’t want to be spammy.”

“A lot of the email follow up platforms will have automations in place where you can send an email thanking your customer for the order, once they received the item to make sure they got it, two weeks after they received it to make sure they liked it–identify these checkpoints. Don’t email someone every day and say “Leave a review.” Everything should coincide with a checkpoint.”

  1. Adding a reminder insert to your packages

Add a small postcard to your product packaging or shipment box that thanks them for their business, asks for a review, breaks down how to do that and then gives them a good reason to go and take action.

  1. Leverage your existing outreach channels

It doesn’t hurt to use your social media channels and email lists to remind past customers about reviews either. If they’ve been happily using the product ever since their purchase, they just might need a tiny push to hop online and start writing that review.

In the end, remember that every merchant struggles with how to get product reviews on Amazon at some point — even the big brands. Keep at it, deliver a great experience and give your customers a good reason to write those reviews, and the rest will follow.


  1. Come back with helpful content

After your customers’ orders have been delivered, send them an email with an extra add-on that can help them get more value from their purchase. Maybe it’s a downloadable PDF set-up guide or a video that demos how to put their order together.

It could also be a recipe booklet (if you sell cooking appliances), an ebook with tips, tricks, and strategies, or anything that gives their purchase more legs.

Make sure to include a note about reviewing you — both your products and you as a seller — if they’re happy with the freebie.

  1. Consider a review tool

If you’re short on time or resources, there are a handful of tools out there that can automate your Amazon review efforts and streamline the overall process.

Just make sure they use Amazon-compliant methods to attain reviews (you don’t want your account in jeopardy just for a few reviews!)